The title of Max’s last conference in Warsaw, Poland.

The story of Max Spiers’ puzzling and Clue-like death has been picked up and dissected by major media news outlets across the world.  But the angle missing in all MSM accounts?  Max was a targeted individual – and that is why he appealed to so many around the world.

While we insiders sit back and marvel at the bloom, metamorphosis and mutation Max’s story is taking, the bigger picture is beginning to supersede the sadness of his purported death.  His work as a spiritual warrior in this plane is giving birth to a new vision, a new consciousness, a new possibility for those of us left behind.  This community now has the hope that targeting will become a part of the global discussion, and a legitimate forum for review of our collective experiences will arise.

The whole world is engaging now in conversations that we have heretofore formed secret groups to discuss.  Fewer and fewer people are willing to openly deride experiences many of us until now have never considered publicly discussing.

Max came right out in his last conference in Warsaw and outlined how and why people are targeted and different methods of trauma and ritual used to suppress and manipulate these inherently human abilities.


MSM outlets are handling our esotericism not only with thinly-veiled contempt, scorn and derision, but also with care and genuine curiosity; one might even say a renewed vigor for a dialogue of truth.

My fervent hope is that with this sparked interest and renewed vigor, not only will Max’s death shed the unforgiving light of truth on worldwide players in Satanism and the dark arts, but that the people these groups target will now have a forum to tell their stories.

We still have boots on the ground – now we just may have a voice to articulate the veritable nightmares that lives become when a human being is targeted for their extrasensory abilities and genetic earmarks.

Because make no mistake about it, that is exactly what happens.

From parallel court systems designed to specifically target whistleblowers, activists and others, to the stalkers employed to destroy lives from the silent, inside periphery – this silent and invisible ring is now more visible with every passing inquest.

Doctors, psychiatrists, police, pharmaceutical companies, space agencies – all have agents who work from within this unholy framework.  It is designed to pinpoint, study, usurp and ultimately control those of us who pose a danger to their ultimate goal – a New World Order wherein which they reign supreme and all of our innate psychic, supernatural human abilities that can effectively thwart their efforts are forever quashed, siphoned, used and controlled.

The deftly orchestrated media scrutiny surrounding Spiers’ death comes at a ripe time in human consciousness. Human beings are searching for answers to the untenable human condition like never before.  They are looking everywhere for answers, even places that until now have been cleverly cloaked in derogatory terms like “conspiracy theory”, “targeted individual” or even “super soldier”.

It is my contention that the people who pose serious risk to the malevolent structure that seeks total control over the human population – do so by virtue of their very human nature.  These whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists and super soldiers all have one thing in common – their preternatural ability to discern. 

We all have different ways and combinations of ways that these talents of perception and discernment manifest themselves.  Some of us can hear the truth in a myriad of different ways; some of us can feel the truth in a myriad of different ways; some of us can see the truth in a myriad of different ways.  Some of us even smell and taste in a myriad of different ways.  All of these ways of sensing the world around us are there to help us accurately perceive it; to get to the truth of what is out there.

I used to think these “extrasensory” abilities were maligned, feared and discredited as valid epistemologies because those of us who do not have them could not perceive them, but not now.  Now I know that because every single true human being innately possesses the ability for the entire range of what is now considered “extra” sensory perceptions, our idea of valid perceptions is what has been craftily molded, skewed and distorted.

That malevolent force does not want us to ever figure out that we are the true Creators of this reality.  If we ever collectively figured out our enormous, inherent godlike qualities, it literally would be game over.

If humanity does not accept as valid someone’s innate ability to see outside of the currently accepted range of visible light, how can an accurate report be made of what can be on the other side?

Displays of these abilities in years past have landed many people in figurative and literal blubbering heaps on the floor, shaking their wounded heads and wondering “What happened to me?”  A whole slew of military projects spanning years were spawned to study, reproduce, modify and breed these qualities, yet the modern mind has been conditioned to completely dismiss their very existence.  The poster child of cognitive dissonance?  “Extransensory” or “psychic” abilities.  Never forget how carefully this cognitive dissonance has been cultivated.

We are finally beginning to figure it out.  The what and the why is coming hard and fast; Max was after the who.  The where and the how will inevitably follow.

This core group of “we” – the newly-defined super soldiers coming together and waking up – is indeed becoming tighter, purer, clearer, and stronger; world events are moving faster and faster to accommodate our newly burgeoning abilities.  We are looking forward to a time when our lives will no longer be negatively affected Adjustment Bureau and The Game-style.  We are moving into our own, to tell our stories of reality as Max did, and to bring heaven to this bereaved earth.

With Max’s death, we were stunned and angered, but less frightened than before.  More of us are willing to come forward and tell our stories.

We have within us the power to transform any event – past, present or future – into one that serves the good of all humanity.  These powers are currently labeled as “Fringe”, and they are how we do it.  Max knew it, and died trying to bring it all to the world stage.

Nothing will keep the truth from rising.  Keep your lights on, and shining bright.

Author: TrueWhiteHat

I am the head of the Council of Twelve, the last necessary governing body on the planet. We have been elected by you before our births and signed our spiritual contracts before coming into this world. We are here to transform the world with spiritual truth.


  1. R.I.P Max!

    If any more of you are having trouble and need some help with being a targeted indiviudal then click my name and check out my site. It has all the info you need to stop this.

  2. Yes. This is the basis of modern society, what you say in your article.
    Even the highest up people in authorities are used by the hidden, satanic groups who want total control and control merely for torture and destruction.

    (That is the very definition of evil, satanism and Satan. It was once assumed by many that that lair which these conditions described was called hell and relegated to the afterlife of those who are a part of Satan. Whether true or not – I still believe in hell afterlife for those who fit there – we see clearly that they will not stop until they achieve as as maximum as possible hell on earth. Hell being earth, or hell being this universe.)

    Thank you for the article and the truth in your positivity in this world where if you are not Satan, however much you suffer, you are not Satan and this basic fact can mean everything.

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