Max Spiers Murdered?

Serious questions have been posed regarding the purported death of Max Spiers.  We refer you to a live “Hangouts On Air” conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project.

Miles wants to know – as does the Council – what kind of “accident” was Max’s friend and perhaps-publisher Monica referring to when she called Miles to announce Max’s death?  How long did it take for emergency response to be called?  How long did Max’s body lay unattended?  These are all questions that point to the character of the people surrounding Max at the time of his “death”.

More than one of you wants to know what kind of “healing” was being provided to Max.  While none of the answers affects Max any longer, the answers are very important for those of us left behind.

Whether you believe Max has staged his death, had his death staged or he was murdered, there are takeaways for all of you sitting there reading this.

First – the Council reminds you to be careful who you let into your circle.  A targeted individual is only as safe as the people in his circle are trustworthy.

Let us assure you that targeting doesn’t have to be – and often isn’t – as dramatic as ELF waves, gamma rays, and invisible guns filled with darts dripping black goo.  Most often it is as simple as having access to a pair of shoes that someone will slip on their foot without thinking, or a gift of a coat or a scarf.  Perhaps someone invites you into their home, and cooks dinner for you.  Maybe they give you a book to read or a new CD to listen to.  This is where you separate yourself from the next level of enlightenment, for you must use your God-given gifts of discernment and intuition to safely forge forward!   A Faraday Cage does you no good if the person who steps inside and hugs you drops a battery in your pocket.

Second, stop it with the supplements!

The human body was made to need very little help from you, so give it a rest with all this “detox this” and “supplement that”.  You just might well-meaningly detox and supplement yourself to death, or worse – be responsible for a decline in someone else’s health.

Discernment is key!

Keep your lights on, and shining bright!

Author: TrueWhiteHat

I am the head of the Council of Twelve, the last necessary governing body on the planet. We have been elected by you before our births and signed our spiritual contracts before coming into this world. We are here to transform the world with spiritual truth.

3 thoughts on “Max Spiers Murdered?”

  1. I have just come across your website via a friend of mine, Kieron Lee Perrin and find your blogs informative and well written. I must state though I have a very different view on taking supplements to support our bodies than yo do. If you are not aware, all polio vaccines given between 1955-63 contained SV40 (simeon virus) and thus anyone who was vaccinated during that period, has this virus in their system. Solid research clearly points that this is one of the causes of the explosion of the soft tissue cancers in us 60+years old, thus making it critical to support our bodies with supplements, in order to alleviate this abomination plus of course all the other environmental issues such as wifi (see Dr. Barry Trower and xenestrogens etc). By the way, all governments were aware of this and if you want to know more about this, a book called “Mary’s Monkeys” by Edmund T Haslett will give you all the background information. I am the main participant of a not for profit non government foundation based in Queensland (and I try to assist some TI’s with simple bio hack hints) on how to keep their targeted bodies going. Once again, I do like your blogs, but please be aware that due to the fact of what has been done to our bodies (vaccines, fluoridated water and GMO food) it is absolutely imperative to support our ailing bodies with certain supplements such as liposomal Vitamin C, amino acids and bone broth. Keep up your good work peace love and health Edith Cragg CoolWellbeing Foundation, Sunshine Coast, Australia

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