Swerdlow Stings Spiers?

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We have chosen to present information brought to us in light of the claims of a certain Stewart Swerdlow that Max was helping promote his new book.  We leave it for you to decide – what credence should be given to this man’s claims?  Why did Mr. Swerdlow have a direct line into the place where Max was reported to struggle his last?  What happened between them that left such a bad taste in Max’s mouth?

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I need to explain something very clearly to all of you, so that you keep this delineation in mind as you navigate through your daily lives online and in real-time; there is a distinct and quantitative difference between being cloned and a shapeshifting demon assuming your physical attributes.

Rh- people cannot be cloned.  But demons of all kinds have mastered the dark magic of usurping a powerful human’s energy and taking on that human’s form.    Their identities can still be assumed by certain level demons and black magicians, allowing for all kinds of skullfuckery to ensue, as we all well know.  Clones have a shelf-life, shapeshifters don’t.

We have come to understand that a certain faction wants people to believe that Max was cloned and that this clone is what died and is being reanimated as we speak.  It is more likely that there has been shapeshifting “friends” about and the real issue becomes who was around him in his final moments, and what or who these “people” really were.

As we’ve stated before, Max Spiers’ perfect soul is exactly where it should be, quite alive, quite well and quite good.  Where is his physical body?

Keep your lights on, and shining so bright!


Author: TrueWhiteHat

I am the head of the Council of Twelve, the last necessary governing body on the planet. We have been elected by you before our births and signed our spiritual contracts before coming into this world. We are here to transform the world with spiritual truth.

8 thoughts on “Swerdlow Stings Spiers?”

    1. Anyone who was “real” close friends with max knew he didnt like swerdlaw. Max talked about the strange vibes he gets from the man since day 1 of meeting him at a conference. max is easily triggered by certain being and gets taken advantage of. swerdlaw is saying he has some list of maxs friends and info on them from max directly and is threatening he has distributed it. Well the real max wouldnt hand over a list of his “friends” to anyone when in right state of mind, Ever. So swerdlaws little threats about he “has copied the list and given it to those who need to know” is unacceptable. What are his motives with this list? Creates more drama,division and more clicks. All high psychics and those in the know can see through swerdlaw. Do you know who maxs friends are? Powerful beings. And dont speak on you knowing the real max you only know the max you manipulated into getting him to write that list in alter. He had alters and you knew it. Be careful what you say, youre now treading on thin ice.

      So swerdlaw what makes you believe you announcing you have a list of maxs friends is gonna go well for you? Shady shit man. Who did you distribute it to? Your handlers and network of puppeteers? This “death”is not a closed case yet. Be careful dictating what goes on before the family even arrives. If the family decides to investigate (and they are) and finds you are deciding what facts get publicly released and believed, virtually dictating the flow of information, well ya might just end up in a courtroom. That list is now considered evidence since maxs friends and family are calling bullshit on whats happening. And reports of him screaming for help dont sound like an overdose to me but hey according to you theres no hospital or nurse or doctor etc. So are you a coroner? Do you decide cause of death? Start really reevaluating your current statements. You are obstructing evidence. If you were smart youd kept your mouth shut but you couldnt cause this info creates more clicks. DING DING. His real friends not internet fans were not attacking you theyre making you accountable for your statements. You dont understand what theyre capable of. Prepare.

      1. You cant even get the mans name right for a start…. someone has a big wooden spoon and likes to stir things!

        1. Haha funny when stewarts camp tries to defend him over spelling nazi shit. Who cares asshole. You know who im talking about. No stirring things all facts. “Swerdlow” also has been stinging other SS in the last 48 hours and were aware of it. Cant hide that big tail can ya? Sucks getting busted telling everyone you were his friend and confidante all the while youre just talking an alter. Whats youre intentions giving a veiled threat with the list?

  1. I think whoever released this text is disgusting. What possible purpose does it even bring to the table? Nothing but a little bit of attention for the uploader, 5 minutes of low level fame. Absolutely appalling, shame on you. If you were getting texts from Max , then he must have classed you as a friend or acquaintance at least and you have no purpose in releasing this half arsed, text, of course to be misinterpreted and trying to make it something that it isn’t. you are a stupid sad individual

  2. re: Where is his physical body?

    its was on its way to the UK via car/road, so yesterday(20) he must have crossed over the canal .be-> into UK

    (source priv talk with miles.J)

  3. these demonic rats can smile and charm you into thinking they’re the most spiritual and virtuous people on earth even tho their facial features are a dead giveaway. Swerdlow is a perfect example.

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