Defining a Super Soldier

At once lilting and glib, staccato and hiply profane, Douglas Duane Deitrich delivers a modern-day history lesson that ranks among the top scholars in any field, in the world.

While it’s true that there is no real way for the common man to fact check or cross-reference much of what Mr. Dietrich says, I told you before that this new era of enlightenment is characterized by your ability to use your own God-given ability of discernment to detect, assess and determine truth, and you’ll find ample opportunity to flex that muscle here.

This ability belongs to all of us, it is that perfect piece of God that we are that connects us one to the other, that we can trust for detecting truth without referencing any physical item at all.  Consider discernment your spiritual divining rod to the waters of Truth.

Dietrich has an uncanny and welcome ability to take vast, complicated, arcane subject matter and make it accessible to the listener.  When describing what “boring interview” Aquino gives, Dietrich demonstrates why it’s such a literal guilty delight to listen to him, when he joins two thoughts together with an unceremonious “…’N shit!”

With this signature studied flippancy, he launches right into his jarring definition of a supersoldier.

To Dietrich, a super soldier is birthed from a cult of paedophocracy that grooms young boys into “queer whores” – bait and tackle for blackmail and sabotage in military and politics.  These are boys that are “pimped out to politicians…(so that) everyone is compromised.”

There is another definition, because there is a different type of super soldier.

I recognize another definition of a super soldier as someone who has been identified either at or before birth for the exhibition of a sensory perception or ability currently not recognized nor accepted by mainstream science as a valid means of perception, and who is then tracked, studied, groomed, guided, programmed, altered and ultimately, harvested for latent potential energy.

We at the Council believe there is a core group of super soldiers who are meant to create the New World who fit this definition.  They are awakening to who they are, and the Universe is aligning as they get cleaner, tighter, stronger, focused and more pure – to roll in ecstasy at the their feet.

The stars are aligning to bring them out of the shadows, and into the light of their true abilities as humans; living examples of the pure potentiality of man’s spiritual nature.

Until next time, keep your light on, and shining bright.