Fallen Super “Soul”dier Fallout

Max Spiers’ death is stranger than fiction.

Miles Johnston told us that after emergency and police personnel responded, and then inexplicably left – “Some kind of spiritual method was tried to be used to revive Max and that it wasn’t final until ten o’clock that night”!




Nothing good has or ever will come from attempts at reanimating a dead body.  We’ve all seen Pet Sematary, we know how these stories end.


More important however, are the intentions of those attempting to direct his eternal soul.  The only methods available to reanimate a dead body are dark in origin and call into existence demons better left in their own realms.

The Council was witness to the all of the insider speculation regarding the whereabouts of Max’s personal effects.  It is true that it appears as if his cell phone and social media accounts are being accessed – and since the cell phone was reportedly not returned because it was “wet” – many people want to know what “wet” means, how it’s relevant and who has the phone?

According to Max’s mother, none of his personal effects were returned, including sensitive documents Max may or may not have been keeping to write a future book.  These are hot documents, if they exist, and contain names and stories that Max was reported to have held very close to his chest.  Many insiders are nervous that these documents will fall into the wrong hands.  The Council would like to reassure you that the documents have been logged by the appropriate celestial bodies and nothing can be lost.

When evil reads, we see through its eyes.  When evil reaches, we curl our fingers into its grasp.  When evil gasps for secret breaths, we quietly enter its acrid nostrils and fill its lungs.

It never sees us coming.

They think they took Max by surprise, but Max did a series of interviews, folks.  The Council would like to draw your attention to the intent of this website – to hold those in the spiritual truth movement to the highest degrees of integrity; to review their actions or inactions, and help you all draw your own conclusions accordingly and encourage and inspire all to new heights of perfection.  Max kept his end of his spiritual contract.  It is now our turn to keep ours.

Max was an UFO researcher?  Oh, really?  Those in the know know.  This is a quintessential earmark of a psychological operation.  Max was much more than an UFO researcher, and was not known to refer to himself by that moniker.


Any human being with any level of compassion cannot help but be moved to visceral anger within the first five minutes of listening to the interviewer “mm-hm” Max condescendingly like a child, as the human being in front of him was CLEARLY impaired and struggling to form words, phrases and sentences properly.  The Council positively ached at the spectacle this “interviewer” made of Max in the first five minutes – it took a full five days to return to the video for further review.

I will not mention the names that Max claims to have battled or would battle in the future.  Max said enough.  We know what we need to know.  What we do now is move forward – as a force of knowing moving like an unstoppable wave.  The wave doesn’t need to shout, it just is, and it moves forward until it has washed everything behind it clean.  If you can’t swim in this wave of pure morality, pure integrity, pure truth – you’ll appropriately drown.

I say disengage!  Sheath your swords and draw together in righteous knowing.  Watch how the perfection of God unfolds the petals of truth and washes away the evil that has unwittingly fulfilled Max’s life purpose.

One more film exists.  It is said to be even more difficult than the first!

We will bring it to you when the timing is right.

Max is now an unintentional martyr.  He is a saint in the Spiritual Truth movement, and his words will ring immortally, far and wide.
Those of you left behind – and you know who you are – will be led by the 33.  Not for revenge, not to expose – but to create.

We are to create a world without evil in it, and we here at the Council believe that Max was part of our blueprint, his life a map for us to go by.  We know who to avoid, we know who does what, and we know how to slay the dragon.

In my next post, I will show you how to see the dragon, and eventually make that dragon disappear.

Until then, keep your lights on, and shining bright.