Drugs; The White Rabbit in the Room

He was slurring his words.  During an interview.

Even if you didn’t know that he was dead by interview’s end, you knew within a few minutes that Max Spiers was clearly under the influence of something.

We here at the Council are close, as you can well imagine, yet, not a peep from his innermost circle about the real problem dancing around the periphery, plucking at everyone’s coat, shoved into everyone’s closet.

Everyone wants to protect those they love, and often this requires silence.

The silence must come to an end!

Our community – the one that demonstrates certain capacities or abilities that are “extrasensory” in the current construct – has been targeted in one way or another from birth.  That we are alive to be here right now, reading these words, is not only of supreme significance, but exquisite importance.

I told you before that I would give you concrete ways to counter the attacks on your sanity, credibility and your livelihood.

What you have to accept is that you cannot stop the attacks.  But you can stop their efficacy.

The most important thing you can do is not fall prey to the drug scene.

This is the absolute easiest, and time-tested method of destroying anyone – by getting them to do it for themselves.  This way, there is no real culprit to hold in your hands but the dead body of a gifted soul.  A tortured soul, you can be certain!

If you don’t know how They do it, let me tell you.  Someone will either bump into you accidentally, or will be positioned in just the right place at the right time and will either introduce you to, trick you into doing, or surreptitiously slip you, a drug.  From there, it’s usually all over but the crying.  Kind of like a gritty, film-noir version of The Adjustment Bureau.

Most of the drugs enhance sensory perceptions already heightened in the targeted individual, and it can lead to all kinds of stuff labeled by the outside world in terms listed in the DSM-5.

Once exhibited, these labels can land one in jail or a mental institution, almost certainly ruining any future hope of a legitimate career in any field.  What an efficient way to neutralize someone you may perceive as a threat to the Mind Status Quo.

The person assigned to introduce you to drugs?  Take away his power.  Don’t do the drugs.  It’s just that simple.  It’s time to take it to the next level, and the next level you have to be clean.  Because if you’re not, you’re susceptible to demons.

The biggest reason they want you to do things like drugs and alcohol – and keep doing them – is that you open your spirit up to these beings that live off produced negative energy.  Watch this poor girl struggle and listen to what she says.  Better yet, let’s see if you can figure out when, or if, she is in there at all.

The fact is they attach themselves to the person who has been opened.

Unprotected,  they take full advantage of the alcohol or drug-impaired soul, having teamed up with the Satanic Sect we’ve got going on since before the beginning of time, and they move right in, anchor themselves nice and tight, and get ready for the long haul.

You’ve all either been the blacked-out drunk, smacked-out crackhead, meth’d-up methhead,  or witnessed the nodded-out heroin user – you know something takes over when that spirit flies the coop.

Something fucking dangerous, obnoxious, violent, filthy and disgusting can and often does, take over.  What a venerable cornucopia of a cycle of unending misery-energy!  The user uses, the demon gets bigger, the user comes down, the guilt sets in, the cycle is complete.  It starts right over again after every sleep cycle.  Nice, fat, juicy demons.  Depleted, possessed, no-longer-there, you.

I hate these things.  So should you.

Once they’re in, we all know, they are incredibly difficult to shake, and many of us have ultimately succumbed to the strength of these literal demons.


Ignore their great power at your own peril.  These demons are summoned by, in cahoots with, and manipulated by people who have the kinds of means depicted in the following movie, without the happy ending for you.  Don’t let your life turn into a version of the superb film that everyone in this community should get to know and love, The Game.

But!  If you take all precautions not to let these things near your spirit, you have eliminated an entire flank of the enemy’s advance strategy!

You can win that battle of the war.  It’s within your power to do.

You may be the one currently actively targeted – and struggling in silence.

You are not alone, and you are not powerless!

If you know that someone is being actively targeted and is in the middle of the struggle, shatter the wall of silence that keeps the predators predating!  Never tell an “authority” – keep it within the community and seek spiritual guidance with those whom have traveled a similar path!

The Council understands the delicate balance that must be struck when dealing with this issue, but silence kills.  Point to the problem, then turn your attention away from the victim long enough to find the fucking perpetrator, the dealer – that’s the influence that needs neutralized.

Further neutralize the dealer by turning your back on him completely, as if he doesn’t, never did, never will and never could – exist.

Because he can’t.  Without you.

Don’t give him you.

Until next time, keep your lights on, and shining bright.






Practical Tips to Thwart Gangstalkers

Skulls electronically tortured

If you’re anything like me, you’re nauseatingly familiar with the stunning methods individuals with connections and money can use to neutralize targeted individuals.

If you’re still like me, you may not know for years – if ever! – why or by whom you were targeted.  You also may be tempted to figure it out.


Even if you had the means, fortitude and luck to ascertain who it was like James Walbert did back in 2009, I think there are easier ways to ensure your freedom from the intended results of gangstalking than resorting to legal and tangible methods that cost gobs of money and are not guaranteed to work.


Most of you won’t be able to make it past this crucial step.

Why?  Because let’s face it – this shit is fucking interesting as hell!  When you are targeted, it’s sick but true, you feel special, singled out, as if you have something special that the vast majority of the rest of the world doesn’t.  

You don’t.  But your Personal Gangstalking Squad just might want you to think so.  Everybody knows that delusions of grandeur are a sure ticket to your local psych ward for an involuntary 5150 hold.  In one trip to the crazy house, your literal livelihood could be destroyed by a simple loss of credibility.

There was a period of time where investigating the origins of your gang stalking would’ve been encouraged, but I learned the hard way.

Take your focus off of the gangstalking in every way. Start by resolving not to pursue the people or demons or legions or factions.  Convince yourself you do not give a shit about their identity.  Because you know, like literally – fuck them.


Even when you’re gritting your teeth in the shower for the seventh year in a row, telling yourself that you do not feel the electrical stinging sensations burning an annoying hole across your back in currents – pretend you don’t feel a thing.  This technique severs electrical attachments to your spirit generated by the sensation of pain.  In effect, you take back your response to the stimuli.

No, I won’t let you have my physical reaction.

According to Scientific American, our thoughts can release abilities beyond normal limits.

“Accumulating evidence suggests that our thoughts are often capable of extending our cognitive and physical limits…such expectancies and learned associations have been shown to change the chemistry and circuitry of the brain.

So, it’s easy to see how thinking yourself into it not happening begins to create it not happening.


This is really easy, but most people clearly forget about this extremely powerful tool.  Exercise.  You need a strong body, a clean body free of heavy metals and parasites and all kinds of nasties that are easy for electronics and entities of all kinds to attach to.  Who needs it?  Not me, not you.  So tighten up and use the tool that God gave you.  Your body is your spirit’s armor – strengthen it, polish it, protect it.

When you need to, you can take a deep breath in a strong body with a mind that has pretended none of this is happening, pinch your shoulder blades together as hard as you powerfully can, and dissipate the power of that zinging sensation!  Poof!  It is gone.  It never existed.  It never will again.

Now, the aforementioned practical tips clearly don’t address the everyday realities that gangstalking entails like drained bank accounts, your own Personally Appointed Drug Dealer, engineered arrests, relationships, etc., etc.  These things you can’t ignore away, but I do have methods of dealing with them, too.

Easy, free methods just like these.

Look forward to learning those techniques.

Until then, keep your lights on, and shining bright!





Fallen Super “Soul”dier Fallout

Max Spiers’ death is stranger than fiction.

Miles Johnston told us that after emergency and police personnel responded, and then inexplicably left – “Some kind of spiritual method was tried to be used to revive Max and that it wasn’t final until ten o’clock that night”!




Nothing good has or ever will come from attempts at reanimating a dead body.  We’ve all seen Pet Sematary, we know how these stories end.


More important however, are the intentions of those attempting to direct his eternal soul.  The only methods available to reanimate a dead body are dark in origin and call into existence demons better left in their own realms.

The Council was witness to the all of the insider speculation regarding the whereabouts of Max’s personal effects.  It is true that it appears as if his cell phone and social media accounts are being accessed – and since the cell phone was reportedly not returned because it was “wet” – many people want to know what “wet” means, how it’s relevant and who has the phone?

According to Max’s mother, none of his personal effects were returned, including sensitive documents Max may or may not have been keeping to write a future book.  These are hot documents, if they exist, and contain names and stories that Max was reported to have held very close to his chest.  Many insiders are nervous that these documents will fall into the wrong hands.  The Council would like to reassure you that the documents have been logged by the appropriate celestial bodies and nothing can be lost.

When evil reads, we see through its eyes.  When evil reaches, we curl our fingers into its grasp.  When evil gasps for secret breaths, we quietly enter its acrid nostrils and fill its lungs.

It never sees us coming.

They think they took Max by surprise, but Max did a series of interviews, folks.  The Council would like to draw your attention to the intent of this website – to hold those in the spiritual truth movement to the highest degrees of integrity; to review their actions or inactions, and help you all draw your own conclusions accordingly and encourage and inspire all to new heights of perfection.  Max kept his end of his spiritual contract.  It is now our turn to keep ours.

Max was an UFO researcher?  Oh, really?  Those in the know know.  This is a quintessential earmark of a psychological operation.  Max was much more than an UFO researcher, and was not known to refer to himself by that moniker.


Any human being with any level of compassion cannot help but be moved to visceral anger within the first five minutes of listening to the interviewer “mm-hm” Max condescendingly like a child, as the human being in front of him was CLEARLY impaired and struggling to form words, phrases and sentences properly.  The Council positively ached at the spectacle this “interviewer” made of Max in the first five minutes – it took a full five days to return to the video for further review.

I will not mention the names that Max claims to have battled or would battle in the future.  Max said enough.  We know what we need to know.  What we do now is move forward – as a force of knowing moving like an unstoppable wave.  The wave doesn’t need to shout, it just is, and it moves forward until it has washed everything behind it clean.  If you can’t swim in this wave of pure morality, pure integrity, pure truth – you’ll appropriately drown.

I say disengage!  Sheath your swords and draw together in righteous knowing.  Watch how the perfection of God unfolds the petals of truth and washes away the evil that has unwittingly fulfilled Max’s life purpose.

One more film exists.  It is said to be even more difficult than the first!

We will bring it to you when the timing is right.

Max is now an unintentional martyr.  He is a saint in the Spiritual Truth movement, and his words will ring immortally, far and wide.
Those of you left behind – and you know who you are – will be led by the 33.  Not for revenge, not to expose – but to create.

We are to create a world without evil in it, and we here at the Council believe that Max was part of our blueprint, his life a map for us to go by.  We know who to avoid, we know who does what, and we know how to slay the dragon.

In my next post, I will show you how to see the dragon, and eventually make that dragon disappear.

Until then, keep your lights on, and shining bright.

Max Spiers Murdered?

Serious questions have been posed regarding the purported death of Max Spiers.  We refer you to a live “Hangouts On Air” conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project.

Miles wants to know – as does the Council – what kind of “accident” was Max’s friend and perhaps-publisher Monica referring to when she called Miles to announce Max’s death?  How long did it take for emergency response to be called?  How long did Max’s body lay unattended?  These are all questions that point to the character of the people surrounding Max at the time of his “death”.

More than one of you wants to know what kind of “healing” was being provided to Max.  While none of the answers affects Max any longer, the answers are very important for those of us left behind.

Whether you believe Max has staged his death, had his death staged or he was murdered, there are takeaways for all of you sitting there reading this.

First – the Council reminds you to be careful who you let into your circle.  A targeted individual is only as safe as the people in his circle are trustworthy.

Let us assure you that targeting doesn’t have to be – and often isn’t – as dramatic as ELF waves, gamma rays, and invisible guns filled with darts dripping black goo.  Most often it is as simple as having access to a pair of shoes that someone will slip on their foot without thinking, or a gift of a coat or a scarf.  Perhaps someone invites you into their home, and cooks dinner for you.  Maybe they give you a book to read or a new CD to listen to.  This is where you separate yourself from the next level of enlightenment, for you must use your God-given gifts of discernment and intuition to safely forge forward!   A Faraday Cage does you no good if the person who steps inside and hugs you drops a battery in your pocket.

Second, stop it with the supplements!

The human body was made to need very little help from you, so give it a rest with all this “detox this” and “supplement that”.  You just might well-meaningly detox and supplement yourself to death, or worse – be responsible for a decline in someone else’s health.

Discernment is key!

Keep your lights on, and shining bright!

Swerdlow Stings Spiers?

IMG_4836  IMG_4837IMG_4838

We have chosen to present information brought to us in light of the claims of a certain Stewart Swerdlow that Max was helping promote his new book.  We leave it for you to decide – what credence should be given to this man’s claims?  Why did Mr. Swerdlow have a direct line into the place where Max was reported to struggle his last?  What happened between them that left such a bad taste in Max’s mouth?

Enlight-3Enlight 2

I need to explain something very clearly to all of you, so that you keep this delineation in mind as you navigate through your daily lives online and in real-time; there is a distinct and quantitative difference between being cloned and a shapeshifting demon assuming your physical attributes.

Rh- people cannot be cloned.  But demons of all kinds have mastered the dark magic of usurping a powerful human’s energy and taking on that human’s form.    Their identities can still be assumed by certain level demons and black magicians, allowing for all kinds of skullfuckery to ensue, as we all well know.  Clones have a shelf-life, shapeshifters don’t.

We have come to understand that a certain faction wants people to believe that Max was cloned and that this clone is what died and is being reanimated as we speak.  It is more likely that there has been shapeshifting “friends” about and the real issue becomes who was around him in his final moments, and what or who these “people” really were.

As we’ve stated before, Max Spiers’ perfect soul is exactly where it should be, quite alive, quite well and quite good.  Where is his physical body?

Keep your lights on, and shining so bright!