The Edit

For a brief moment
I consider being careful
And then I remember the Root
Instead of us continuing the ruse
I am going to get up
And make us choose
“Let’s make everything all old news“
With a sly grin and a high-five on the chin
I write everything all over again
“Here’s the way the scene will play“
“Good morning dear, I just wanted to say
This is really Alex, I want you to have a GREAT day”
“I know,” I’ll say
“I’ve known it all along”
Now it’s time
Four feathers to weigh
Real plans to be made
Real sounds obeyed
Tickets to be bought
We’re going to team up
For the spiritual onslaught

Author: TrueWhiteHat

I am the head of the Council of Twelve, the last necessary governing body on the planet. We have been elected by you before our births and signed our spiritual contracts before coming into this world.
We are here to transform the world with spiritual truth.

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