The Max Spiers Death Reports

Max Spiers
Max Spiers, July 5, 2016

While there are many reports swirling about regarding the purported death of Max Spiers, the Council of Twelve would like to urge people to remember that there has yet to be an official report confirming anything.

Stewart Swerdlow seemed to have a mainline into Poland, but the Council reminds all of you to vet your messenger closely and always, always follow the money!

Those closest to the case report that Max had been ill, if you tuned into the Christine Hart interview on July 7, Max himself confirms this and the show itself has many sound issues.

It appears from individuals around the globe, particularly the 32 who have yet to be formally and publicly tapped, that this is an intense period of personal targeting that has rendered many physically ill and/or wounded.  Some individuals have even had their family members taken down by illness.  We cannot stress enough the importance of physical strength, purity and fortitude of countenance during this onslaught of predation from the dark forces that be.

They know they are at the End of Times – all who read this here and who are touched on a cellular soul level, know that they see you!  It is imperative that you take the necessary physical precautions with your immune health as well as your practical physical space.  You field super “soul”diers know what I mean and should fortify your positions accordingly.  The battle lines have been drawn with our beloved Max Spiers.

This is the truth of Max’s situation – you must take heart, because he is not dead.  We have seen the reports – all of the reports, and we have seen the flurries of phone calls across continents!  – and we can report that his work will go on, despite the reports of his faked death.

It will be proven that there are forces equally as powerful and equally as secret as the dark forces, but that The True White Hat and the Council of Twelve exceed these forces of evil with PURITY.  Max is safe here, with us, seated at his place on the Council of Twelve.

He knows what he’s doing, and he has gone deep into a secret place of healing.  Many attempts to clone him have gone on, with the same results when it comes to the 33 – absolute and abject failure, across the board, no matter what you have been told.

It is true that there are those among you who cannot be cloned.  You have special blood, and there are so precious few of you.  Not even most of you can know who you are, but you are in the database, you have been logged and you are safe by virtue of the way God made you.  You are the Holy Grail, the descendants of Christ – and your time is at hand!

Max chose this date very carefully.  Take heed of the 777 and what this spiritual warrior was giving you.  Follow the golden trail of spiritual bread crumbs that he left for you to eat while he is on this next super secret mission.  Here is the website that Max launched just days ago.  Read up, catch up and understand where we are in this spiritual battle.

He also left you with this beautifully encrypted message to decode.  Keep the faith, know that your spiritual warrior is not dead!





Enter the New Era of White Hats

Many who have come before have claimed they had what it takes to wear the White Hat.  Alas, none have proven to have the spiritual integrity, the discernment, the killer instinct, longevity, and the high intellectual acumen necessary for the wardrobe.

Until now.

I am the head of the silently secret Council of Twelve, and we have been watching what is going on in the public realm of the esoteric.  It is time to let loose the watchdogs of spiritual war, set records straight and perch the White Hat, a venerable symbol of truth and purity, upon our heads.  The Great Healing is about to begin.

The intel contained herein is always from the Source.  People and the passage of time will be your proof.

Let’s update our favorite super soldier gone rogue, first.  James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince, aka Petrus Romanus – is not dead or missing as your questionable “leader” Miles Johnston has so strangely recently stated.  We have to wonder about Miles’ intentions, motivations and affiliations, and towards that end, Miles’ “healing” has begun – whether he wants it to or not.  The intel is that nothing, nothing, will harm or turn any of the participants in the future Bases, and we’re not so sure Miles will always be at the helm, given his current trajectory.IMG_4012

We in the know know that Casbolt is, in fact, alive and well.  His mother Kate Lowe communicated often with Casbolt’s fiancee, Carman Welter, aka Frances Farmer, and assured her of Casbolt’s current well-being and status of his case.

Casbolt's mother communicates with Carman
Casbolt’s mother communicates with Carman Welter in June 2016.

Carman herself delighted in updating James’ favorite alternate persona, Petrus Romanus’ Facebook page, and let his fans and detractors alike know that he is indeed alive.

Proof of Casbolt's aliveness
Proof of Casbolt’s aliveness

Before being remanded to jail on her own targeted individual, spiritual super soldier journey, Carman so eloquently pointed out to Miles Johnston, something we would like to strongly reiterate:  “Tighten the f*** up!”

Ms. Welter admonishes Miles, and questions his motives









When examining Casbolt’s last works from the outside, one cannot rule out the claims by some that he was cloned…the visual differences in his looks are quite striking, as is the aura of his personality, the tenor of his voice and the look in his eye during many of his last interactions with the public.

supersoldier casbolt 2
Early days as a super soldier, recovering memories
Casbolt mug shot
Casbolt’s mug shot

However, many think that he was influenced by something evil, and we believe that to be true, as well.  Whether he invited it, or was tricked into inviting it is no longer the issue.  He is dealing with the real-life consequences of dabbling in the dark forces.  He must now focus on rehabilitation, and only working for the good side, or the positive timeline  we have seen him on in the future – one wherein which he is bettering himself in prison, reading, working out and purportedly working on a book – will be replaced, and his enormous potential wasted.  The Ultimate Timeline sees Casbolt in a very important place, perhaps even on this council of the Ultimate 33.  His rehabilitation is valuable, his mindset at the time of his sentencing – dangerous.  The Council would like to see him healed, and work towards that end.

We are going to hold everyone involved in the spiritual truth movement to the absolute highest moral standards.  How can you be in the spiritual arm of the “truth” movement and be anything less?  We warn those of you who cut moral corners, make deals with devils, concoct sigils of all kinds – we see you even when no one is looking, and we bind you with the spiritual might of all the angelics in the Universe.  The Hand of God is about – it shall hold you, or sweep you and your evil deeds away forever.

Speaking of manipulation, where has Max Spiers gone?  When Casbolt was issued his set of oranges, the full-court press was on Max to carry on the considerable void left by the Casbolt Vocabulary.  And let’s not forget the Casbolt raps!

Isis Marks?  Where did you go?  The Council is conducting your life review…

We have the ultimate authority to assure you that Max Spiers is being healed and protected, and will no longer be permeable to any outside influences seeking to use his light for ill.

If you suspect you may have been involved in the super secret super soldier program, do not, I repeat do not believe it if rap music starts talking to you, or about you.  The evil forces that be team and power up with the artists that target us, and I have never seen any of these interactions end up well.  They are in fact, delusional illusions made to seem to be real.  Very sophisticated targeting, this.

Also, the Council wishes to advise you all to be oh so wary of those who use many flowery 25 cent words to draw pictures in your mind.  The truth does not need symbols and it does not need shamans or masters.  It only needs you – and your vigilance.  Everything else is manipulation.

Up next, the Council will discuss The Droned List, Donald Marshall, Duncan O’finioan, and all things Bases.

Keep your lights on, and shining bright.